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S BLOCK builds a hierarchy of crossover networks, namely the "Wormhole protocol" deploying and implementing functions through the calling of smart contracts and providing special services that do not affect the principle of anonymity and security.

  • Official publication date: 15/06/2019
  • Accept Payment: Bitcoin, ETH, LTC
  • Min Invest: 10$
  • Max Invest: 50.000$
  • Withdrawal fee: 5% trên tổng số rút ra trong vòng 30 ngày. Sau 30 ngày thì phí rút tiền là 1%
  • Withdraw: Anytime
  • Total SBO Tokens issued: 680 million.

S Block's ecosystem includes seven core income channels to create value for your digital assets:

  • Quantitative trading.
  • Masternodes (Exploit SBOtoken)
  • Transnational money transfer
  • Mortgage loans with Cryptocurrency
  • Decentralized application.
  • Direct exchange of cryptocurrency types on the wallet: BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT
  • Spay, AtM, Scard.

In addition, S Block also generates 4 sources of stable income for investors such as:

  • Income from Quantitative trading
  • Team Commission
  • Community Management Awards
  • SBO token Rewards.


The profit when joining the package from $10 – $299 is 6% – 15% per month (pay by day) and do not receive system commissions.

Profit when joining the package from $300 – $999: Lowest income $18/month. Lowest income 216 $/year, highest $540

Profit when joining the package from $1000 – $49,999: Lowest income $60/month. Lowest income $720/year, highest $1,800

Profit when joining the $50,000 package: lowest earnings $3,000/month. Lowest income 36,000 $/year, highest $90,000



Investing in financial markets opens up great opportunities and facilitates investors who have projected a risk level, can make high profits, but at the same time there is a high risk of financial losses. Therefore, before proceeding with the selection of the project, the investor should understand that it is prudent to consider the choice of investment strategy in accordance with the available capital.

Before you begin, you are also fully assured that you have read, understood and accepted risk warnings for each project that Skynet Bank has to offer.