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WOTOKEN is a smart contract e-wallet that stores crypto assets, is a smart digital asset DAPP and is a real-world e-Wallet application that supports Blockchain projects. A comprehensive Blockchain application that includes the WOTOKEN intelligent platform and digital asset banking card.

The original core functions of the WOTOKEN include multi-border transfers based on cross-chain cross-chain technology, multi-currency savings, and loans. WOTOKEN builds a class system consisting of OTC, S Pay, Wormhole Encoding, Masternodes and an open platform for developing DAPP smart contracts



Investing in financial markets opens up great opportunities and facilitates investors who have projected a risk level, can make high profits, but at the same time there is a high risk of financial losses. Therefore, before proceeding with the selection of the project, the investor should understand that it is prudent to consider the choice of investment strategy in accordance with the available capital.

Before you begin, you are also fully assured that you have read, understood and accepted risk warnings for each project that Skynet Bank has to offer.