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Quant Wallet


Quant Wallet is an electronic wallet project, backed by Quest Capital. Quant Wallet issued CBTO tokens in the form of QuantCard makes it possible for users to withdraw money conveniently.

Quant Wallet – Multi-functional electronic wallet platform:

  • Payment-converting between digital assets
  • Integrated MasterCard/Visa wallets, simplifying the payment of daily needs such as shopping, resort, hotel, tourism etc. V...
  • Use payments and get rewarded in Game, Webtoon, SNS Vapor, social networking.
  • Users are engaged in investing in IEO projects on exchanges supported by Quest Capital
  • Assets are stored in Quant Wallet with the high security
  • Users who receive dividends when participating in electronic cash storage on Quant Wallet

Profit from Quan Wallet:

Mín Invest: $150

Profit: 0,2%-0,3%/day (6-9%/month)

Withdrawal anytime: before 30 days: 5%, after 30 days: 1%




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