Skynet Bank is based on the idea of combining cross-bank lending model of traditional banking and the 4.0 technology platform to eliminate risk issues and limitations on the management of deposits for users , creating a fair playing field and most modern practices in the digital technology era.

When taking investments on Skynet Bank's cross-lending platform, the deposit fund will be used for mobility in the form of: personal loans, corporate loans, project loans to create interest rate disparities at Skynet Bank and the value of the Users ' deposits at a maximum.

With the deposit management model of the 4.0 Technology crossover cross-platform, Skynet Bank can secure capital for users up to 100% with a profit from 1.5 to 3% per month.

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Profit/Month: 1.5% - 3%

Opportunity to increase safety margins with cross-platform lending/cross-owning at Skynet Bank.

Invest Via SkyNet

Profit/Month Via SkyNet: ↑1.5%

Insurrance: ↑100%

Interest received through SkyNet is paid by : SNT

Min Invest: $250